Sretno dijete

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Sretno dijete
Sretno dijete plakat.jpg
Directed by Igor Mirković
Produced by Rajko Grlić
Starring Igor Mirković
Davorin Bogović
Vlada Divljan
Srđan Gojković
Jasenko Houra
Mirko Ilić
Maks Juričić
Music by Prljavo kazalište
Električni orgazam
Cinematography Silvestar Kolbas
Domagoj Lozina
Edited by Ivana Fumić
Distributed by Gerila DV film
Release date
Running time
97 minutes
Country Croatia
Language Serbo-Croatian

Sretno dijete (English: Happy child) is a Croatian documentary film directed by Igor Mirković, and produced by Rajko Grlić, an Ohio University professor of film, in 2003.[1] The film is a nostalgic autobiographical overview of the authors adolescence in SR Croatia in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the late 1970s and early 1980s which corresponded with the emergence of the Yugoslav punk rock and new wave scenes, both which the author affiliated to, thus turning this film into a rockumentary. The film features interviews and rare footage of some of the top former Yugoslav rock acts ever such as: Azra, Film and Haustor from the author's hometown Zagreb, Croatia where most of the story takes place; then members of Električni orgazam and Idoli whom the author visits in Belgrade, Serbia; as well as Pankrti and Buldožer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Beside materials filmed around former Yugoslavia, the film also contains interviews with important former Yugoslav artists who currently live abroad. For example, Darko Rundek is interviewed in Paris, France, Mirko Ilić in New York City in the United States, and there are also scenes shot on locations in the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary and other countries. The film is named after a song by Prljavo kazalište from their first self-titled album.

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