Sri Aman Division

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Sri Aman
Official logo of Sri Aman
Divisions of Sarawak
Location of Sri Aman
Division Office location Sri Aman
Local area government(s) Majlis Daerah Sri Aman (MDSA)
Majlis Daerah Lubok Antu (MDLA)
Population (2010[1])
 • Total 93,379
Resident Jonathan Lugoh
License plate prefix QB

Sri Aman Division is one of the eleven administrative divisions in Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. Formerly part of the First Division, which included Kuching, Sri Aman Division has a total area of 5,466.7 square kilometres. It was formerly known as Simanggang District.

Sri Aman Division contains two administrative districts: Sri Aman and Lubok Antu. The total population is 93,379. The population is culturally mixed, with mostly Iban, Malay and Chinese predominating.

The economy of the division is mostly agricultural. Sri Aman Division is in the largest farming area of Sarawak.

The Division also contains the Batang Ai National Park and the Maludam National Park, and tourism, especially ecotourism, and cultural tourism to the Iban longhouses is an important part of the local economy.

Resident's Roll of Honor[edit]

Below is the Resident of Sri Aman Roll of Honor,dating back to its formation in 1869:

  • James Brooke Cruickshank (1869-1870)-The first Resident
  • Henry Skelton (1870-1873)
  • Francis Richard Ord Maxwell (1872-1881)
  • Henry Fitzgibbon Deshon (1879-1892)
  • Demetrius James Sandford Bailey (1888-1908)
  • Rajah Muda Charles Vyner Brooke (1898-1899)
  • Arthur Bartlett Ward (1899-1901)
  • Frederick Ambrose Wilford Page Turner (1915-1930)
  • John Beville Archer (1930-1934)
  • Adam Philip Mcdonald (1934-1936)
  • Hugh Edward Cutfield (1936-1941) (Sarawak was then occupied by Japan from 1941 to 1945)
  • J.C.H. Barcroft (1946-1947) (Sarawak became a British Colony in 1946)
  • W.P.N.L. Ditmas (1947-1951)
  • A.F.R. Griffin (1951-1953)
  • M.J. Forster (1953-1955)
  • A.J.N. Richards (1955-1962)
  • J.F. Drake-Brockman (1962-1963) (Sarawak became independent, then part of Malaysia in 1963)
  • G. Lloyd Thomas (1963-1965) - last foreigner to hold the position of Resident.
  • Peter Tinggom (1965-1967)-First local to be appointed as Resident.
  • William Nais (1967-1970)
  • Tuan Hj Yusof Bin Tuan Hj Arbi (29.01.1970-16.02.1973)
  • Tuan Hj Mohd Fauzi Bin Hj Abd Hamid (16.02.1973-19.05.1980)
  • Mohd Hanis Bin Mahlie (20.05.1980-05.08.1983)
  • Dr Yusoff Bin Hj Hanifah (06.08.1983-15.08.1984)
  • Tuan Hj Abu Kassim Bin Hj Abd Rahim (16.06.1984-01.11.1986)
  • Michael Pilo Ak Gangga (01.11.1986-20.03.1987)
  • Tuan Hj Abu Kassim Bin Hj Abd Rahim (21.03.1987-30.12.1988)
  • Peter Nyaed Juses(31.12.1988-19.03.1989)
  • Tuan Hj Mohd Iskandar Bin Abdullah (20.03.1989-18.06.1991)
  • Noel Hudson Laga (19.06.1991-02.02.1993)
  • Waslie Bin Ramlie (26.02.1993-05.03.1993)
  • Peter Nyaed Juses (06.03.1993-06.09.1993) - Reappointed for the 2nd time.
  • Waslie Bin Ramlie (06.09.1993-15.03.1997) - also reappointed for the 2nd time.
  • Salleh Bin Yusop (14.04.1997-31.12.1998)
  • Ganie Ugay (02.01.1999-28.03.2000)
  • Patrick Engkasan Ak Entabar @ Digat (01.03.2000-30.11.2002)
  • Dr Ngenang Ak Jangu (02.12.2002-02.12.2006)
  • Abg Shamshudin Bin Abg Seruji (03.01.2007-15.11.2010)
  • Abd Rahman Sebli Bin Senusi (01.12.2010-04.08.2011)


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