Sri Atmananda Memorial School (Kerala)

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Sri Atmananda Memorial School
Sri Atmananda Memorial School (Kerala) is located in Kerala
Sri Atmananda Memorial School (Kerala)
Sri Atmananda Memorial School (Kerala) is located in India
Sri Atmananda Memorial School (Kerala)
Coordinates 9°19′44″N 76°39′09″E / 9.3290°N 76.6525°E / 9.3290; 76.6525Coordinates: 9°19′44″N 76°39′09″E / 9.3290°N 76.6525°E / 9.3290; 76.6525

Sri Atmananda Memorial School, administered by Atma Vidya Educational Foundation, is a private, English-medium school in Malakkara, Kerala, India, that conducts classes from kindergarten to twelfth standard.

About the school[edit]

Sri Atmananda Memorial School

Founded in 1987, now with an enrolment of over 200 children on the three campuses of kindergarten through twelfth standard, the school is non-sectarian and accommodates children from varied socio-economic and religious backgrounds. It is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations[1] and also to the Clonlara School (USA).[2] The school is located in Malakkara village near Chengannur, Kerala, India.

Visitors to the school remark on the joyous atmosphere and enthusiasm evident among the children and teachers.[3] In the Lower Primary Section (ages 5 through 8), the children are free to decide which activities to attend and how to organise their own day according to their interests. By the Upper Primary Section (ages 8–11), the children are motivated towards group projects that require a longer attention span. At this time, examinations are introduced in a fun way through an “Exam Fest” where everyone can help each other.[4] By the High School (ages 12–14) and Plus-Two (ages 15–17) sections, the children prepare for the external board examinations in tenth (ICSE)/International General Certificate of Secondary Education and twelfth (ISC)/IB Diploma Programme standards or pursue the National Institute of Open Schooling Senior Secondary Programme/Clonlara diploma that assesses children on internal examinations, daily work, and a cumulative portfolio.[5] The school also incorporates differently abled children through assessments who can benefit from the program.

The school’s resilient graduates have gone on to higher learning at distinguished institutions in India and abroad and on into the professional world.[3][6]


  • Inauguration of Sri Atmananda Memorial School by Sri Adwayananda (Sri K. Padmanabha Menon) (1987) [7]
  • Described by Sir Bernard Ledwidge, Chairman of Britain Committee for UNICEF, as “the best school I have seen in all my career” (1991)[8]
  • Authored teachers’ resource books of games and activities: Up and About! (1994),[9] Let’s Colour Our World (1995),[10] and Educational Board Games (1997),[11] all published by Orient Longman, Ltd.
  • Invited to present teaching approach to Mikhail Gorbachev’s State of the World Forum (USA), 1997, 1999, 2000[12]
  • Received the KANFED 2000 Award for Best High School for Innovation[13]
  • First graduating class (2001)
  • Rated by The Week magazine as “one of the top ten innovative schools in India” (2003)[14]
  • Rated one of the top three schools in South India by Vishukani magazine (published by Malayala Manorama) (2007)[3]
  • Association of Indian Universities recognition of Clonlara diploma offered by Sri Atmananda Memorial School as equivalent to +2 stage qualification of an Indian board for admission to Indian universities (2008)
  • Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the School (2012)
  • Fourth International Colloquium on the Teacher-Student Relationship in Education August 4–6, 2016

Training Programme[edit]

Sri Atmananda Memorial School provides a three-year training program in its educational approach for its own teachers.

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