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Memorials to Udasi mahants of Sadh Belo with an invocation to Sri Chand Ji, the founder of Udasis.

Sri Chand Ji, also referred to as Baba Sri Chand (8 September 1494 – 13 January 1629),[1] was the founder of the ascetic sect of Udasi and was the elder son of Guru Nanak, first Guru and founder of Sikhism.[2] He was born to Mata Sulakhani on Bhadra sudi 9, 1551 Bikrami (i.e. 8 September 1494)x Sikh organizations like the Nihangs, Damdami Taksal and even some Jathedars of Takhts,are known to have admired Sri Chand Ji for his contribution.


Sri Chand Ji is said to have composed an Aarta – a poem in name of his father, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Many of his compositions are know to be part of the Udasi scripture, Matra Sahib. The 17th Ashtapadi of Sukhmani Sahib is said to have been composed by Sri Chand on the occasion of a visit by Guru Arjan.

There were some differences between Sri Chand ji and Guru Amardas, however there was reconciliation between Sri Chand and Guru Ramdas, Guru Arjan and Guru Hargobind. It is even said that Guru Ramdas had fallen to his feet, in respect of his relation with Guru Nanak. He died at Kiratpur on 13 January 1629.


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