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Sri K. Sabha (born 1923) was a renowned writer from the Rayalaseema region of Andhra with literary works covering short stories, novels and poetry. His major contribution was to children's literature, a genre that was not favored by many Indian writers at that time. His novels like, Mogili, Suryam and Chandram represent the optimistic yearnings by individuals to excel and to have a better life. His stories truly reflect the village lifestyle and through his writings he was successful in making the Rayalaseema dialect (vaduka bhasha) into a vehicle for literary work.

Matsya Kanyalu, Bangaru and Neetideepalu were a few of his contributions to children's literature.

His short story, Pathala Ganga is a story of the drought in Rayalaseema, depicting the plight of a farmer during the water shortage. His poetic finesse could be observed in Vishwarupa Sandarsanam and Veda Bhoomi.