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Sri Kuala Lumpur School
Sekolah Sri Kuala Lumpur
Sri Kuala Lumpur.jpg
1, Jalan SS 15/7A, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor
Type Primary, Secondary and International School
Motto Progress through Understanding
Established 1979
Founder Tan Sri Othman Merican
Principal CEO: Mr Hanif Merican
Secondary School: Mr Chew Teck Ann, AMN
Primary School: Dr Tan Khun
Number of students 2,000+
Medium of language English, Bahasa Melayu

Sri Kuala Lumpur is a private educational institution located in Subang Jaya, Petaling District, Selangor, Malaysia wholly owned and managed by a not-for-profit foundation. The school consists of two sections:

  • Sri Kuala Lumpur Primary School
  • Sri Kuala Lumpur Secondary School


Sri Kuala Lumpur Primary School was established in January 1979 in Jalan Nipah, Kuala Lumpur with an initial enrolment of six students. In August 1979, the school moved to Jalan Anak Gasing. Enrolment had increased to 100 by January 1980 and over 300, 12 months later when it moved to Jalan Ampang. Further moves occurred in December 1984, to Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya and, finally, in January 1986 to SS15, Subang Jaya. The secondary school was opened in 1987. In 2005, the Education Minister, Dato Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein declared the new facilities block to be opened. On 4 January 2010, Year 1 & 2 started the Cambridge System for secondary education. Beginning 2010, secondary students from Form 1 could have the choice of studying the government (KBSM) or Cambridge syllabus.

Smart school[edit]

The school introduced the smart school concept in the primary section during 1999.[1] The secondary school was declared a 'smart school' by the Minister of Education, Tan Sri Musa Mohamad in June 2000.

Class facilities[edit]

All classes are air-conditioned. Each class has a whiteboard, message board and 2 push-pin boards, one at the front right side and one at the back. Cambridge classes and KBSM classes have additional facilities, Promethean Activboards, SMART boards and Epson Multimedia Projectors. Teachers and students use these boards for presentations and interactive teaching. Each class can hold a maximum of 30 students. Teachers have a remote control and an ActivPen for their use in teaching. The staffroom is well stocked with teaching materials, and iMacs for use. Each department has a computer to assist in teaching.


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