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Sri Lanka Green Alliance (SLGA) is the only green political movement in Sri Lanka, officially started in late 2009 by Sanka Chandima Abayawardena, a leading green activist, and convenor of SLGA. It is a network of green groups and green activists in the country. Its youth wing is the federation of Ceylonese Young Greens.

SLGA is a collective initiative of people who describe themselves as greens. They are people who believe in the Global Greens Charter. The charter is the driving force of green inspiration for political as well as non-political movements for green initiatives around the world.

SLGA is an associate member of the Asia Pacific Greens Network; Abayawardena was elected to its Coordinating Committee at the APGN Congress in Taiwan in 2010. The secretary of the organisation Kalpana Rasangika Ambepitiya is also a member of the Global Young Greens steering committee, the youth wing of global Greens.

SLGA holds training and capacity building programs in different parts of the country for its membership and other interested groups. It is not affiliated to any political coalition in the opposition or the government.

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