Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union

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Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union
Srilanka rugby.jpg
Sport Rugby Union
Jurisdiction National
Founded 1908 (1908)
as Ceylon Rugby Football Union
Affiliation IRB
Regional affiliation ARFU
Coach Leonard de Zilwa
Official website
Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union is the governing body for rugby union in Sri Lanka. It is one of the oldest governing bodies in the world, being founded as the Ceylon Rugby Football Union in 1908.[1]


The Sri Lankan Football Union (originally known as Ceylon Rugby Football Union) was founded in 1908.[2] The Ceylon Rugby Football Union (Ceylon RFU) was founded on 10 August 1908 at a meeting between representatives from Uva, Dimbulla, Kelani Valley, Dickoya, Kandy and Colombo at the Grand Orient Hotel (now known as Hotel Taprobane) in Colombo. At the meeting Mr H. B. T. Boucjer (from Uva) was elected as Chairman with the representatives unanimously resolving to form the Ceylon Rugby Football Rugby Union and to apply to be affiliated with the English Rugby Football Union. The Ceylon RFU also resolved that Kandy be selected as the centre of the Union and that Mr J. G. Cruikshank be elected as Honorary Secretary. The Ceylon RFU became the first Rugby Union in Asia.

The SLRFU joined the IRB in 1988.[3] In March 2011 the IRB stripped the SLRFU of full member status after it failed to conduct board elections in accordance with the By-Laws,[4] the SLRFU's full membership however was subsequently re-instated follows the successful completion of the Union’s Annual General Meeting and Board elections.


National teams

National sevens teams

  • Men's 7s – the national rugby union seven-a-side team.
  • Women's 7s - the national women's seven-a-side rugby union team.

Other teams

Former teams

  • Under 21s – a former age graded side that has developed some of today's current Tuskers.
  • Under 19s – a former age graded side that has developed some of today's current Tuskers.


Member Unions

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