Sri Lanka national basketball team

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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Basketball Federation.png
FIBA ranking 79 Decrease6
Joined FIBA 1959
FIBA zone FIBA Asia
National federation Sri Lanka Basketball Federation (SLBF)
Coach Maneka Meththinda
Olympic Games
Appearances None
Medals None
FIBA World Cup
Appearances None
Medals None
Asian Championship
Appearances 7
Medals None
Kit body thinredsides.png
Light jersey
Kit shorts.png
Team colours
Kit body thinwhitesides.png
Dark jersey
Kit shorts.png
Team colours

The Sri Lankan national basketball team represents Sri Lanka in international competitions. It is administrated by the Sri Lanka Basketball Federation (SLBF).[1] Until 1972 it was known as Ceylon national basketball team.

The team qualified for the Asian Basketball Championship 7 times and was among Asia's 12 top basketball teams in 1981.


Basketball was first introduced to Sri Lanka in 1917 by an American, Walter Cammak. Ten years later in 1927, Ananda College was the first school to introduce basketball in Sri Lanka, causing other schools to follow. In 1958 the Ceylon Basketball Federation (CBF) was established which was consequently admitted to the FIBA in 1959. Sri Lanka joined the Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) in 1962, and have participated in most ABC competitions since.


Summer Olympics[edit]

yet to qualify

World championships[edit]

yet to qualify

FIBA Asia Championship[edit]

Year Position Tournament Host
1975 13th 1975 ABC Championship Bangkok, Thailand
1977 14th 1977 ABC Championship Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1979 1979 ABC Championship Nagoya, Japan
1981 12th 1981 ABC Championship Calcutta, India
1983 1983 ABC Championship Hong Kong
1985 15th 1985 ABC Championship Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1987 1987 ABC Championship Bangkok, Thailand
1989 1989 ABC Championship Beijing, China
1991 18th 1991 ABC Championship Kobe, Japan
1993 1993 ABC Championship Jakarta, Indonesia
1995 19th 1995 ABC Championship Seoul, South Korea
1997 1997 ABC Championship Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1999 1999 ABC Championship Fukuoka, Japan
2001 2001 ABC Championship Shanghai, China
2003 2003 ABC Championship Harbin, China
2005 2005 FIBA Asia Championship Doha, Qatar
2007 2007 FIBA Asia Championship Tokushima, Japan
2009 16th 2009 FIBA Asia Championship Tianjin, China
2011 2011 FIBA Asia Championship Wuhan, China
2013 2013 FIBA Asia Championship Philippines
2015 TBD 2015 FIBA Asia Championship TBD

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