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Sri Lankan literature is the literary tradition of Sri Lanka. The largest part of Sri Lankan literature was written in the Sinhala language, but there is a considerable number of works in other languages used in Sri Lanka over the millennia (including Pāli, Tamil, and English). However, the languages used in ancient times were much different from the language used in Sri Lanka now.

Up to the present, short stories are a very important part of Sri Lankan literature; the output of Sinhalese short story writers is greater than that of the Tamil and English writers combined and has elicited a greater measure of critical analysis.

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Sinhala writers[edit]

Su Hae Ja Sugunasiri§

Sinhala poets[edit]

Essayists and non-fiction writers[edit]

Sinhala playwrights[edit]

Sinhala radio play writers[edit]

Sri Lankan Tamil authors[edit]

Sri Lankan Tamil poets[edit]

Sri Lankan and Sri Lankan diaspora authors who write in English[edit]

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