Sri Lankan military academies

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The Sri Lankan military academies are military academies for the training and tertiary education of commissioned officers for the Sri Lankan armed forces.

Defence University[edit]

Staff College[edit]

Military academies[edit]

Nature of the service academies[edit]

Since the minimum prerequisite to a commissioned officer in the Sri Lankan armed forces is passing the G.C.E advance level examination, most of the cadet officers who join the regular armed forces do so soon after leaving school, without entering university.

Due to this a limited number of cadet officers of the regular armed forces are accepted into the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University to undergo both basic training and academic studies leading up to an undergraduate degree.

Vast majority of regular and all of the volunteer (reservist) cadet officers of the Army, Navy and the Air Force receive their basic training at their respective military academies. There they have the option of following undergraduate degree at some state universities.