Sri Narayana Jayanthi

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Sri Narayana Guru, spiritual Guru
Guru Jayanthi celebration at Gokaneswara Temple, Mangalore, Karnataka, India

Sri Narayana Jayanthi is a festival of Kerala. It is celebrated in many states of India. It is also called Chathayam Dinam in kerala. It marks the birthday of Narayana Guru, greatest Saint and Social reformer of India. It is celebrated in all over world.

The birthday of this Great Saint/Avathar is celebrated on the Chathayam asterism of the Malayalam month of Chingam (Leo). In a society broken into fragments by casteism and economic inequality, he emphasised the motto of 'one caste, one religion and one god.' Even though the Guru accepted the fundamental principles of the Vedic religion (Sanathana Dharma / Hinduism), he revolted against caste-based ascendancy, caste discrimination and sectarianism.

Communal harmony processions, conferences, floral tributes, community prayers, feeding for the poor and community feasts marks jayanthi celebrations.

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