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Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School

Adyar, Chennai


Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School is located in Adyar, Chennai, India, amidst sylvan and serene surroundings and opposite to the Theosophical Society . It is a co-educational institution with a strength of nearly 2000 students and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school has classes from Kindergarten to Std. XII.

The school offers subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio Technology, Information Practices, C++ in the Science Stream, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and Geography in the Commerce Stream and Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Mathematics, Geography and Entrepreneurship in the Humanities stream, in the XI and XII Standards. Apart from Sanskrit, Hindi and Tamil, the school offers French also as second language at the Secondary level.

The principal as of 28 September 2016 is Mrs. Mita Venkatesh.

The school has received the International School Award from the British Council in 2006 and ISO 9001:2000 accreditation in January 2008.


  • Sri. V.L. Dutt
  • Sri. V. Narayanan
  • Si. N. Sankar
  • Sri. Dr. V. Balasubramaniam
  • Sri. V. Vaidyanathan
  • Sri. V.S. Dhandapani (Managing Trustee)
  • Sri. N. Kumar (Treasurer)



Courses offered[edit]

K.G. Section

  • L.K.G English, Number Work and Games
  • U.K.G. English, Number Work, Art, Games and Environmental Science.

Primary Section

  • I and II English, Tamil/Hindi, Maths, Environmental Science, Art, Games and C.C.A.
  • III, IV and V English, Tamil/Hindi, Sanskrit, Maths, Integrated Science, Social Science, Library Art, Games and C.C.A.

Middle School Section

  • VI, VII and VIII English, Tamil/Sanskrit/Lower Hindi/Higher Hindi, Maths, Integrated Science, Social Science, P.T., C.C.A., Information Technology, Library, Work Experience and Art Education.

Secondary School course

  • IX and X English, Tamil/Sanskrit/French/Hindi, Maths, Integrated Science, Social Science, P.T.,C.C.A., Information Technology, Library, Work Experience and Art Education.

Lab facilities[edit]

The school has science labs, an English language lab and a math lab.

Co-curricular activities[edit]

Drawing, painting, music and dance, Scouting, Guiding, N.C.C., R.S.P. and Skills for Adolescence.

Computer Awareness[edit]

Computer courses are part of the students education from Class III onwards. At the V and VI Std levels, Science and Social Science are taught with the aid of computers.

Work experience[edit]

  • Electrical gadgets and their servicing and maintenance
  • Sewing, embroidery and tailoring
  • Drawing and painting


Available for yoga, karate, violin, cricket by honorable coaches like Ramesh Sir & Louis Sir, dance, music (vocal) and Mridhangam.

Senior Secondary course[edit]

XI and XII Standards - core language English

Groups offered in the Science Stream are:

  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Bio Technology
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics Practices

Commerce Stream:

  • Mathematics, Accountancy, Commerce and Economics
  • Geography, Accountancy, Commerce and Economics
  • Mathematics, Accountancy, Commerce and Informatics Practices
  • Geography, Accountancy, Commerce and Informatics Practices

The students are offered Sanskrit/Tamil as an additional Elective, the Commerce students are offered Entrepreneurship as an additional elective.



  • Project work
  • Continuous assessment
  • Computer-based learning for subjects like Science and Social Studies for Std IV and V
  • Celebration of festivals and important days


  • Young Learners' Exam
    • Young Learners' Exam for aptitude in English is a programme organised by the British Council in collaboration with Cambridge University.
    • Children from Class VII participate in this programme

Newspaper in Education The Newspaper in Education Programme organized by 'The Hindu' is conducted for the students VII to IX to train them in the use of newspaper for activities like crossword puzzles, reading and writing, and dramatics.

Senior Secondary Inter-School Culturals named as Smaraneeyam are conducted every year. Students participate in events like quiz, Adzap, crossword puzzles, interviews, poster making and fashion designing.

Competitions are conducted for Sankara school children, called Intra-School Culturals (Talent Fest), to develop competitive spirit and encourage their talents.

News Letters are published by students twice a year about happenings in the school, competitions participated in, prize winners lists, etc.

Project exhibitions are organized every year.


Co-curricular activities like yoga, karate, music and dance are conducted for the children. The school has subject clubs like the Commerce Club, Mathematics Club, Science Club, Geography Club, English Literary Club, Eco Club and the Music Club.

Other clubs include the NCC girls’ wing, the Interact Club, the Gavel Club, the Heritage Club, The Young Indian Net, The Indian Liberal Group, and Skills for Adolescence programme.

Coordinates: 13°00′36″N 80°15′39″E / 13.009905°N 80.260754°E / 13.009905; 80.260754

RTE Circular Episode[edit]

Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School and its principal, Mrs. Subala Ananthanarayanan, are embroiled in a controversy due to a circular sent to the parents urging them to protest against the Right To Education (RTE) Act. The circular said that under the act, the school would have no choice but to admit students from poor families, who would be admitted to a class depending on their age, which would pull down its standards. According to the RTE, even an uneducated 11-year-old child must be admitted in the 6th grade, and must be given special attention. The medium of instruction of the class must be changed to that with which the child is comfortable and the level of education should be equivalent to the child's understanding capacity at the time. The principal, Mrs. Subala Ananthanarayanan, did in fact state that she would not mind in helping improve the Government Schools in reaching out and teaching the students.

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