Sri Siddhi Vinayakar Temple, Chittampara

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This temple located 1 km South West of Sulthankada is dedicated to Lord Vinayaka is 21 years old. Although located near the public cemetery of native Tamils, the temple attracts young people in the area.

The name Chittampara or Chittanpara is derived from Sidhan’s Para (Sage’s rock) as it believed that a Sidha was doing penance at this area.


During 1978, an elderly person who works as a Cardamom estate employee dreamt an elephant Cub running around near the area where the temple is currently located. But the other people did not take it seriously and ignored the same.

Later in 1979, a native of the area found an elephant shaped stone and installed the same on an erected place (Peettham). Still this murthy is worshipped as Yoga Ganapathi.

During these days, the temple did not attract many gatherings of devotees, but there were few devotees who used to visit the area frequently.

In the Year 1989, a small Shrine constructed and the deity of Sidhi Vinayakar installed. Although the Lord is Grihastha (supposed to be with His wife Sidhi), the deity of the Goddess is not installed. A beautiful deity of Ngarja is installed at His right and Karthikeya at His left side (form of Vel or Spear).

The grand Kumbhabhishekam was performed in the year 1991 by Vishveshwara Iyer from Chinnamannur.

Other Details[edit]

The main festivals in this temple are during Vinayaka jayanthi and Sabari Mala pooja days.

All the deity faces towards East Main Deity is Sidhi Vinayakar and other Deities are Yoga Ganapathi, Nagaraja, Bhavani Devi, Sri Sasthavu and many of the devotees feel the presence of Siva & Parvathi here.

Temple Tree is Pavizhamalli (Common name: Har singar, Coral Jasmine, Tree of Sorrow, Queen of the night • Hindi: हार सिंगार Har singar, शैफ़ाली Shefali, पारिजात Paarijat • Manipuri: Singarei • Tamil: பவிழமல்லி Pavizhamalli • Malayalam: Paarijatam • Sanskrit: पारिजात Paarijat Botanical name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Family: Oleaceae / Jasmine family) and there is a small theppakkulam situated near the temple.

Currently this temple is managed by (including Pooja) by Mr C Jayaraj of Chittanpara.

Address: Mr. C Jayaraj, C/O Sidhi Vinayakar Temple, ChittamPara, Sulthankada, Pampupara PO, Vandanmedu, Idukki 685 551.