Mount Soma

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Mount Soma
Mount Soma
Mount Soma is located in the United States
Mount Soma
Mount Soma
Location in the United States
Coordinates: 35°39′25.8″N 82°51′56.0″W / 35.657167°N 82.865556°W / 35.657167; -82.865556Coordinates: 35°39′25.8″N 82°51′56.0″W / 35.657167°N 82.865556°W / 35.657167; -82.865556
CountryUnited States
 • OfficialEnglish

Mount Soma is a 435-acre Vedic Vastu community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina established in 2011.


The Mount Soma center includes a visitor's center, a meditation hall and the Vedic Sri Somesvara Temple.[1][2] The temple was built using 46 tons of hand-carved Indian granite and Vastu architecture.[3][4] The temple grounds include hand-carved black granite Navagrahas (nine planets) and a 20-foot statue of Lord Hanuman.[2]

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