Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangud

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Srikanteshwara Temple
Srikanteshvara Temple, Nanjangud.JPG
Proper name ಶ್ರೀಕಂಠೇಶ್ವರ ದೇವಸ್ಠಾನ
Srikanteshwara Devasthana
Coordinates 12°7′8″N 76°41′33″E / 12.11889°N 76.69250°E / 12.11889; 76.69250Coordinates: 12°7′8″N 76°41′33″E / 12.11889°N 76.69250°E / 12.11889; 76.69250
Country India
State Karnataka
Location Nanjanagud
Primary deity Srikanteshwara Swami (Shiva)
Architectural styles Temple

The Srikanteshwara Temple (also called Nanjundeshwara Temple) is an ancient temple in the Hindu pilgrimage town of Nanjangud in the Karnataka state, Southern India. It is known for the ancient temple of the god Srikanteshwara (another name for the god Shiva, also known as Nanjundeshwara).[1] The Srikanteshwara temple is located in the town on the right bank of river Kapila, a tributary of the Kaveri. Nanjangud is also known as "Dakshina Kashi" or "Varanasi/Prayag of South".

Nanju in Kannada means poison; the name Nanjundeshwara means the "God who Drank the Poison" (halahala), a word that has its origins in the legend of the Great Churning of the Ocean of Milk; thus the town got the name 'Nanjangud' which means "the abode of the god Nanjundeshwara".[2][3][4]

The "Dodda Jaathre" festival at Nanjangud by temple attracts thousands of devotees. The festivities in the fair includes five colorful chariots that are pulled by devotees on a path called the ratha beedi.


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