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Type of business Private
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Area served Worldwide
  • Prasad Pingali
  • Vasudeva Varma
CEO Srini Koppolu
Key people
Launched October 2012
Current status active

Veooz is a social network aggregation website, which presents popular stories based on social signals. It provides a 360° view of each article where users can browse an auto-generated summary along with related news, images, videos and real-time social buzz. Natural language processing is used to identify and categorize trending news, images, videos and topics shared across various social networks, news sources and blogs.

Sentiment Analysis and Content Aggregation[edit]

Veooz originally focused solely on Sentiment Analysis[1][2] of various topics extracted from social buzz, and still retains this analysis, which can be viewed by searching for a topic. It has since moved on towards content aggregation, ranking news and multimedia based on social signals.

News App[edit]

Veooz re-launched as a news app in August 2015 [3][4]


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