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Srinivas is the pronunciation of the Sanskrit Srinivasa (Sanskrit श्रीनिवास), in Hindi and other modern Indian languages that drop a final short ‘a’. It is a name for males in India as well as a family surname. The word Srinivas is combination of two Sanskrit words, Shri (श्री) and nivasa (निवास). This is the stem form of the word (before case inflections are added) in Sanskrit. Shrinivas is the stem form of the word (before case inflections are added). Shrinivasan (श्रीनिवासन्) is the singular nominative form.


Shri means 'radiance' or 'diffusing light'; nivasa means 'place of residence'. who is considered to be the source of light (as a metaphor for life) in Hindu scriptures.

Shri has also the meaning of Lakshmi [1] who is rendered to be embodied within Venkateswara.[2] Hence the alternate meaning "One within whom Lakshmi (prosperity) lives".

Srinivas is a modernized version of the original Sanskrit/Hindu name Srinivasa. The use of the word Srinivasan (also written as Sreenivasan) instead of Srinivas is common in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Similarly, the dialectical word, Srinivasulu, is commonly used in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The name is also very much prevalent in Orissa, Maharastra and Karnataka, among other parts of India.

The other variants in English spelling include Sreenivas, Shrinivas, Shreenivas, Srinibas, Shrinibas.

The name Srinivas is also kept for new houses.

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Srinivasan or Sreenivasan may also refer to
Note: In this Indian name, the name Srinivasan is a patronymic, not a family name, and the person should be referred to by the given name.

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