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Doctor Who character
First appearance Descendance
Last appearance Coda (regular)
Placebo Effect
Portrayed by None
Affiliated Eighth Doctor
Species Ice Warrior
Home planet Mars
Home era 40th century

Ssard is a fictional character in the Radio Times comic strips based upon the British science fiction television series, Doctor Who. The Eighth Doctor and Stacy Townsend first met the Ice Warrior in the comic strip Descendance by Gary Russell, and he went on to become one of his companions.

Character biography[edit]

Ssard first met the Doctor and Stacy on Mars in 3998[citation needed]. After the Doctor resolved a conflict between two rival families of Ice Warriors, Ssard joined them as a companion in the TARDIS. Their further adventures included defeating an alien infiltrator in Victorian era London.

The stories featuring the Eighth Doctor, Stacy and Ssard were terminated prematurely due to a change of management at the Radio Times, resulting in the hurried two-part final story Coda being written to tie up the loose ends and terminate the story.

At some point after Coda, Stacy and Ssard left the TARDIS and eventually their friendship turned into something more. In the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel, Placebo Effect by Gary Russell, the Eighth Doctor was invited to attend their wedding, which took place on Micawber’s World in 3999.

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