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ST, St, St. or st may refer to:

  • St, or St., a contraction of Saint, especially in Christianity
  • St, or St., a contraction of Street, a public thoroughfare
  • St, or St., a contraction of Strait, a body of water
  • Short ton, a unit of mass equal to 2000 lb, or one ton in the United States
  • Stere, a unit of volume equivalent to one cubic meter, used to measure cordwood
  • St, Stoke as a unit for viscosity
  • Stone (weight), a unit of mass used in the British Isles and other countries
  • in ordinal number abbreviations, such as 1st and 21st
  • s.t., abbreviation of "subject to" or "such that" to indicate constraints


  • s. t. (sine tempore, Latin for "without time") indicates that a lecture will begin at the exact time; this is in contrast to "c.t." (cum tempore, Latin for "with time"); see Academic quarter

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