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Franz Schubert composed a number of works known as "Ständchen" (serenade).


Lieder named "Ständchen" or "Abendständchen" (evening serenade).

D 265[edit]

"Abendständchen an Lina", D 265 for voice and piano - words by Gabriele von Baumberg[1]

D 889[edit]

"Ständchen", D 889 ("Horch, horch! die Lerch im Ätherblau") - after Shakespeare's Cymbeline Act II, sc. 3.

D 957 No. 4[edit]

"Ständchen" ("Leise flehen meine Lieder"), words by Ludwig Rellstab, No. 4 of Schwanengesang, D 957. The title "Ständchen" for this song appears in Schubert's autograph.[2]

Part songs[edit]

Part songs published as "Ständchen" or "Nächtliches Ständchen" (serenade at night).

D 635[edit]

"Leise, leise laßt uns singen, schlummre sanft", D 635, for TTBB, has the title "Quartetto" in the composer's autograph (manuscript MH 1864/c in Vienna City Library).[3] This autograph contains the text of a single stanza, of which the text author is unknown.[4] Eusebius Mandyczewski suggests Schubert may have been the text author.[5] Variant versions of the text, in multiple stanzas, originated posthumously. In 1900 the music was published as "Ständchen", with lyrics by Robert Graf.[4] Anton Weiß is the text author of another version.[6] Mandyczewski was the first to publish the song with its original text version (1906–1907).[7] Also known as "Ruhe", and "Nächtliches Ständchen".[4]

D. 920 and 921[edit]

"Ständchen", D 920/921 for alto solo, TTBB or SSAA chorus & piano ("Zögernd leise, in des Dunkels nächt'ger Hülle") - words by Franz Grillparzer.


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