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Coordinates: 57°54′13″N 15°46′56″E / 57.90349°N 15.78230°E / 57.90349; 15.78230

Stångån in Linköping
Country Sweden
Length 185 km (115 mi) [1]
Basin 2,440 km2 (942 sq mi) [1]
 - average 15 m3/s (530 cu ft/s)

Stångån is a small river in southern Sweden, 185 km long and with a drainage basin of 2440 km2. It flows from the highlands of eastern Småland in the south to lake Roxen in the north. At the outlet near Linköping, the average discharge is 15 m3 per second.

It passes through Vimmerby, Kisa, and Linköping. A great deal of the river is extended to a canal, Kinda Canal. A railway takes the same course as the river.

Stångån passes through the deciduous forests of one of Sweden's main cultural areas, featuring several great manor houses of the nobility.


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