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This article is about the album released by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. For the album released by Stephanie Mills, see Stephanie (album).
Studio album by Stéphanie
Released 30 July 1991
Recorded 1987–1991
Genre Pop, pop rock, electronic
Length 43:58
Label WTG, Epic
Producer Michael Verdick, Ron Bloom
Stéphanie chronology
Collection Référence 80
Singles from Stéphanie
  1. "Winds of Chance"
    Released: 1991
  2. "You Don't Die from Love"
    Released: 1991

Stéphanie is the second studio album released by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. The album was released on 30 July 1991 through the WTG Records in the United States, and the Epic Records in Europe.[1] It was released five years after her successful debut album Besoin. Stéphanie met with disappointing sales — it sold only 3,500 copies in the United States — and negative reviews. In 1992, Stéphanie ended her music career.

Album information[edit]

In 1987, after the release of her successful debut album Besoin, Stéphanie moved to Los Angeles, California due to a further development of her music career. She signed a record contract with the Sony Music, and released Stéphanie through their label WTG Records. Epic Records released the album in Europe. While her previous album featured Europop and eurodance songs, Stéphanie experimented with pop rock and electronic music on Stéphanie.[1] Stéphanie and her producer Ron Bloom wrote all the songs, all in English language. Michael Verdick and Bloom produced most of the songs.

Singles and promotion[edit]

The album's lead single "Winds of Chance" was released in 1991, with the accompanying music video shot in the Canary Islands.[2] However, the single was not commercially successful, failing to mirror singles from Stéphanie's previous album Besoin. In the summer 1991, Stéphanie launched her first world tour, throughout Europe and South America, in order to promote Stéphanie. Despite the tour being rather successful, the album did not achieve a commercial success. the second single was "You Don't Die from Love".


Stéphanie received negative reviews from music critics. David Hiltbrand of People wrote, "This isn't a humiliating outing. But it sure is embarrassing. Oh, Steph hits all the notes but, unfortunately, without any conviction or depth".[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Winds of Chance" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Michael Verdick 4:23
2. "You Don't Die from Love" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Michael Verdick 4:20
3. "Love Once" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Michael Verdick 4:57
4. "Born Blue" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Michael Verdick 3:57
5. "Words Upon the Wind" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Michael Verdick 4:36
6. "Sky Fall Down" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Michael Verdick 4:08
7. "Unchained" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Michael Verdick 4:03
8. "Hunger Rise" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Ron Bloom 4:50
9. "I Escape" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Michael Verdick 4:23
10. "Good Dreams" Stéphanie, R. Bloom Michael Verdick 4:21
Total length: 43:58


  • Princess Stéphanie of Monaco – vocals, songwriter
  • Ron Bloom – guitar, keyboard, percussion, synthesizer, arranging, mixing
  • David Coleman – art direction
  • Kristen Connolly – engineering
  • Linda Harmon – backing vocals
  • Mary Hylan – backing vocals
  • Linda Mallah – backing vocals
  • Brian McHugh – engineering
  • Michael Miller – photography
  • David Mitson – mastering
  • Guy Snider – engineering
  • Michael Verdick – mixing, producing


Chart Peak
France (Syndicat National de l'Édition Phonographique) 48[4]

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