Coordinates: 63°23′56″N 20°17′18″W / 63.399022°N 20.288315°W / 63.399022; -20.288315
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Stórhöfði, Suðurey, Brandur and Álsey (L to R) from Heimaey

Stórhöfði (Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈstourˌhœvðɪ]) is a peninsula and the southernmost point of Heimaey, the largest island in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, in Iceland. It is claimed to be the windiest place in Europe,[citation needed] and holds the record for the lowest on land observation of air pressure in Europe.[1] The name means great cape and was also the name of a street in Reykjavik's Höfði industrial area until 2015 when it was renamed Svarthöfði (black cape), which is the Icelandic term for Darth Vader.[2] The street had formerly been named Bratthöfði, which translates as steep cape.[3]

Stórhöfði is the location of one of the oldest lighthouses in Iceland, having operated since 1906.[4] Weather observations began at the lighthouse in 1921, which, since 1940, have been conducted at night too.[5]


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63°23′56″N 20°17′18″W / 63.399022°N 20.288315°W / 63.399022; -20.288315