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Stöð 2 Sport
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Owned by 365 corporation
Formerly called Sýn

Stöð 2 Sport is an Icelandic television channel that broadcast sports in Iceland. Stöð 2 Sport mainly shows football games but also shows a wide variety of different sports. Stöð 2 Sport costs 6.400 kr per month which is about $50. Stöð 2 Sport is only broadcast in Iceland and only in Icelandic.

Sports shown[edit]

Stöð 2 Sport offers a wide variety of live sports to choose from including most broadcast list first.

  • Football, UEFA Champions League,UEFA Cup, Spanish La Liga, English FA Cup, English League Cup, Icelandic Premier League, Icelandic National Team away games, all English National Team games and other top international matches.
  • Formula1 Stöð 2 Sport now features live Formula One racing as of the 2008 season.
  • Golf, PGA Tour, European Tour, The Ryder Cup, US Open, The Masters, Players Championship, Icelandic Tour.
  • Boxing World Championship boxing
  • Basketball NBA and Icelandic League
  • Handball European Champions League and German Bundesliga
  • Poker Poker After Dark, World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker
  • Motocross
  • Tennis Wimbledon
  • UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship

Football matches[edit]

Stöð 2 Sport shows football matches from a variety of different leagues and tournaments including the

Additional Channels[edit]

Stöð 2 Sport provide additional channels for when multiple events are ongoing, these are:

  • Stöð 2 Sport 2 HD
  • Stöð 2 Sport 3 HD
  • Stöð 2 Sport 4 HD
  • Stöð 2 Sport 5
  • Stöð 2 Sport 6

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