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The Stúdentspróf (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈstuːtɛn̥tsˌpʰr̥ouv]) is the university entrance examination in Iceland, which takes place towards the end of the last term in gymnasium. Studies leading to the Stúdentspróf generally take three to four years to complete, but in some cases a diploma containing fewer years of study can be regarded as a sufficient equivalent. Most students finish their Stúdentspróf in their 20th year of age, after 14 years of formal schooling.

The curricula for the examination are regulated by the Ministry of Education. Schools specialising in these curricula are called menntaskólar (grammar schools) but they are also offered by nearly all fjölbrautaskólar (comprehensive schools), and in fact, any secondary school can offer the Stúdentspróf as long as it conforms to the ministry's regulations.

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