St. Angela's College, Sligo

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St. Angela's College, Sligo
Coláiste San Aingeal, Sligeach
TypeRoman Catholic
PresidentDr Edel McSharry (Acting)
54°15′34″N 8°22′58″W / 54.2595°N 8.3828°W / 54.2595; -8.3828Coordinates: 54°15′34″N 8°22′58″W / 54.2595°N 8.3828°W / 54.2595; -8.3828
AffiliationsNUI (1978–2005),
NUI Galway (2005–present)

St. Angela's College, Sligo (Irish: Coláiste San Aingeal, Sligeach) is a college of NUI Galway located beside Lough Gill. St. Angela's College have had a strategic partnership with NUI Galway since 2006. St. Angela’s College was founded by the Ursuline Order in 1952 and was a recognised college of the National University of Ireland from 1978-2006.

The college is located outside the town of Sligo, Ireland and focuses primarily on education and nursing courses.

The college offers courses in home economics teacher training with one of four options (economics and consumer studies, An Gaeilge, biology and science, religious education). Other courses on offer include: Nursing degrees, Economics B.A. and Food Studies B.A.S..

In 2007, St Catherine’s College of Education for Home Economics closed and St Angela's became the sole provider of home economics education within the Republic of Ireland putting a heavy strain on St. Angela's to provide home economic teachers for the entire country.[1][2][3]


Commemoration headstone outside college.

The college was founded in 1952 by the Irish Ursuline Congregation, initially with a three-year teaching diploma in Home Economics. This three year course continued until 1978 when a four year university degree course was introduced, with the first students graduating in 1981 with NUI degrees. In 1997, the Food Technology Centre was established, with nursing degree programmes commencing in 2002.[4] In 2006 the college became a recognised constituent college of the National University of Ireland Galway.[5]

In 1952, the college was founded with Mother Malachy, a nun, in charge of the institution. In 1958 Mother Brid, also a nun, took over as a principal.[6] Brid served the college until 1983 where Sister Marianne O'Connor was appointed as president, replacing the principal role.[5] In 2001, O'Connor stepped down as President and Michael Hanley served as president until his death in 2004, Dr. Anne Taheny was then appointed president of St Angela's College. In 2019, Tahney retired as president after a 15 year tenure, with Amanda Mc Cloat holding the position of acting President until a successor is appointed. In 2021, Dr Edel McSharry, former head of the school of nursing, took over the role of acting President. [7]


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