St. Anselm's Pink City Sr. Sec. School, Jaipur

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St. Anselm Pink City Sr. Sec. School, Jaipur
The school shield
School shield
Malviya Nagar
Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302017
Coordinates 22°33′12″N 75°29′33″E / 22.5534°N 75.4925°E / 22.5534; 75.4925Coordinates: 22°33′12″N 75°29′33″E / 22.5534°N 75.4925°E / 22.5534; 75.4925
School type Convent
Motto ज्योति से ज्योति
(From Light to Light)
Religious affiliation(s) Catholic Church
Patron saint(s) St. Anselm
Founder Fr. Raymond Coelho
Status Open
Sister school St. Anselm's Sr. Sec. School, Mansarovar & St. Anselm's North City School, Jhotwara
School board CBSE
Principal Rev. Fr. Edward Olievera
Staff 140
Teaching staff 110
Grades H.K.G. - 12
Years offered 13
Gender Coeducational
Age range 4 - 19
Number of students More than 3000 students
Classes 13
Education system Indian
Classes offered Science Stream and Commerce Stream for senior secondary school
Medium of language English
Hours in school day 6
Classrooms 70
Campus Malviya Nagar
Campus size 1 acre (0.40 ha)
Area Urban
Houses Blue, green, red, gold
Sports Football, basketball
Publication The Anselm Herald
School fees Varies for different classes
Affiliations St. Anselm's Ajmer
Telephone no. 0141 - 2520240
The school

St. Anselm's Pink City Sr. Sec. School is a convent educational institution located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It is run by the Gyan Deep Education Society. The school was founded by Rev. Fr. Raymond Coelho. It is co-educational, providing a liberal education through English medium. The schools cater for pupils from the ages of 4 through to 17 or 18, and are open to children of all religious denominations. It is a day scholars school and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

School patron - St. Anselm[edit]

St. Anselm came from a noble Lombard family and was born in Aosta in the Italian Alps. His mother was a good and pious Burgundian, but after her death his father's violence and harshness caused Anselm to flee France. There, after several years of wandering, he took the Benedictine habit in 1060 at Bec (Normandy), where his illustrious countryman Bl. Lanfranc had started a school at the Abbey of Bec. Within three years he was made Prior and after another 15 years, very reluctantly, Abbot.

As an abbot, St. Anselm had to go to England from time to time in connection with his abbey's English properties, and there he became known and highly esteemed for his virtues and zeal. So much that in 1099 he was made Archbishop of Canterbury in the hope that he would be able to cope with the encroachments of King William the Red.


The history of St. Anselm's Pink City School in Jaipur starts from Ajmer, where in 1904, the French Capuchin Fathers founded St. Anselm's Ajmer. They adopted St. Anselm's motto for the school: Deo amabiles et hominibus, i.e. "Pleasing to God - pleasing to men."

In 1987 the Diocese of Ajmer-Jaipur wanted to start a similar school in the capital city (Jaipur). For this they appointed Fr. Raymond Coelho, an educationist. He then founded St. Anselm's Pink City School with some teachers and employees he had recruited.

The school motto is 'ज्योति से ज्योति' i.e. "From Light to Light".


The school follows the Continuous and comprehensive evaluation or CCE, introduced by CBSE, from classes I to X.

For junior classes the subjects are Mathematics, both English and Hindi language and literature, Social Science, Science, Computer Science, Art and Crafts, Writing Skills, Moral Science, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge and Choral singing (the number of subjects varies from one grade to another.)

For middle classes the subjects are Mathematics, English, Hindi & Sanskrit language and literature, Social Science (differentiated into History, Civics And Geography), Science, Computer Science, Art(Drawing), Moral Science, Environmental Studies and General Knowledge

For senior classes the subjects are Mathematics, English & Hindi or Sanskrit language and literature, Social Science (differentiated into History, Civics, Geography, Economics and Disaster Management), Science (differentiated into Chemistry, Biology and Physics), Computer Science, Moral Science and Environmental Studies.

The two streams for senior secondary classes are Commerce, Life Science and Physical Science. The combination of Subjects are -:

Classes 10 and 12 are prepared for Central Board of Secondary Education examinations that are held nationwide in march.


School campus[edit]

The school is situated in Malviya Nagar, a developing colony in Jaipur famous for its Gaurav Tower, Jaipur and surrounding malls.

It has two buildings, one for the junior and middle school and one for high school. There is a large ground in front of the high school wing and a basketball court besides the junior school wing. The ground is used for assembly, and is differentiated into a football ground, a cricket court and volleyball ground. The school has a chapel, a beautiful and quiet place which is visited by the faithful for prayers.

The school has a principal residence behind the new building, and vice-principal and nuns' residences beside the chapel. There is an audio-video room below the chapel and a small playground with swings besides the chapel.

The old building has the following facilities:

  • A small gathering place with a stage
  • Principal's office
  • Office
  • Staff-room
  • Library
  • Craft room
  • Computer lab
  • Two halls
  • Dance room
  • Drawing room
  • Visitor Center and waiting room

The new building has the following facilities:

  • Stage
  • Staff room
  • Physics lab
  • Chemistry lab
  • Biology lab
  • Computer lab
  • Hall


The school is divided into four houses, for promoting academic and athletic competition among the pupils. The houses are Blue, Red, Green and Gold. House Captains leads their houses and are aided by vice-captains. Head-boy and Head-girl are elected irrespective of their house.

Anselmite Traditions[edit]

  • Annual Day is held every year usually during February. There is a formal assembly in the afternoon after which there is a speech by a guest or alumnus and a series of cultural events like drama, dance and songs sung by the school choir. Prizes are presented for academic excellence and success in extracurricular activities.
  • Republic Day and Independence Day parades - The four houses and the National Cadet Corps present a march past in front of the principal and chief guest on Indian Republic Day (26 January) and Indian Independence Day (15 August). The national Tricolour is hoisted and the salute is taken by the Chief Guest on the occasion.
  • School publications - The school publishes a quarterly newsletter The Anselm's Herald, managed and edited by students with the assistance of a staff co-ordinator.

Principals of St Anselm's Pink City School[edit]

  • Rev. Fr. Raymond Coelho, Founder Principal - 1987-2000
  • Rev. Fr. Edward Olievera, Principal - 2000-2006
  • Rev. Fr. Paulachan Pulickal, Principal - 2006-2011
  • Rev. Fr. Melvin Jobard, Principal - 2011-2014
  • Rev. Fr. Edward Olievera, Principal - 2014–Present