St. Augustine's Church, Slade Green

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Slade Green, Parish Church of St Augustine of Canterbury - - 717670

St Augustine's Church is a Victorian Church of England parish church in Slade Green, in the Diocese of Rochester.[1][2]

Established as a daughter of the Church of St Paulinus, Crayford in 1900, St Augustine's became its own parish in 1925.[3] The church is dedicated to the patron saint Augustine of Canterbury. A prominent war memorial has stood at the front of the church since at least 1930.[4]

St Augustine's was subject to air raids during both world wars. The church received families from the east of London that had been 'bombed out' during the Second World War.[5] The local community was supported during the war by a British Restaurant operating from St. Augustine's Church Hall, which supplied up to 250 lunches six days a week to residents, the school, and nearby factories.[6] Substantial rebuilding work was required following a direct hit during an air raid in 1944, and following a fire in 1991 which destroyed the roof and much of the internal fabric.[6]


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