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St. Barnabas High School
St Barnabas High School Logo.jpg
425 East 240th Street
McLean Avenue
New York City (Woodlawn, Bronx), New York 10470
United States
Coordinates 40°54′06″N 73°51′52″W / 40.90170°N 73.86434°W / 40.90170; -73.86434Coordinates: 40°54′06″N 73°51′52″W / 40.90170°N 73.86434°W / 40.90170; -73.86434
Type Private, all-female
Motto Veritas Cum Scientia
(Truth with Knowledge)
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
Established 1924
Status Open
School code 333955
Dean Ken Donato
Rector Brendan A. Fitzgerald
Principal Fran Dziuma [1]
Grades 912
Student to teacher ratio 15:1
Color(s) Green and gold         
Slogan Be Charitable, Be Graceful, Be Spirited
Song "St. Barnabas School March Song"
Athletics basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball
Mascot Barney the Bear
Team name Bears
Accreditation Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools[2]
Publication To The Lighthouse (Literary Journal)
Newspaper Saint Barnabas Chronicle
Yearbook Immaculata
Tuition $7,900 (2016–2017)
Athletic Director Amanda Babcock
SBHS03 01 2011.jpg
St. Barnabas High School chapel facing McLean Avenue (2011)

St. Barnabas High School is an all-girls, private, Roman Catholic high school located in the Woodlawn[3] section of The Bronx, New York. It is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.


Founded in September 1924 and being at its current location since 1959,[4] the school is located in the Woodlawn section of the borough of the Bronx. It also borders the southeastern section of the City of Yonkers in neighboring Westchester County. Since its inception, the school was founded and has been operated by the Sisters of Charity.[5][6] As of September 1, 2015, St. Barnabas High School become independent of the St. Barnabas Parish.[7][8] The St. Barnabas High School Chapel was renovated sometime during the tenure of Msgr. Timothy S. Collins, which was from 1986 to 1994.[9]

St. Barnabas High School front walkway


St. Barnabas High School follows the New York State Department of Education Curriculum. Some senior electives include Psychology and Personal Finance.[10] The school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools[11] The student to teacher ratio is 15:1 with a majority of students going on to colleges or universities.[12] The class of 2015 amassed nearly $7 million in college scholarships with a 100% graduation rate.[13] As of 2016, the senior class earned over $10 million in scholarship and grants from a vast array of colleges and universities.[14] Additionally, St. Barnabas offers Mercy College (New York) credits for various courses.[15]

Performing Arts[edit]

Film and Drama[edit]

St. Barnabas High School's Film Club was created in 2008. It had merged with the existing Drama Club the following year. Together, the Film and Drama Club have produced features and short films. Additionally, plays and musicals have been produced by its members.[16]


St. Barnabas has a noteworthy choir,[17] which consists of students from all over the St. Barnabas parish. In 2016, they were the only school in the archdiocese to be invited to sing for Pope Francis during the traditional date of the Epiphany (holiday), January 6.[18][19][20]


St. Barnabas High School participates in four sports:[21] basketball,[22][23][24] scoccer, softball and volleyball.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

St. Barnabas High School has a variety of after school clubs and activities which include: Chess, Choir,[25][26] Dance (African, Caribbean, Hip-Hop, Indian, Irish and Spanish[27]), Film and Drama,[28][29] Italian,[30] La Casa Latina, Math, Art Club, Nubian Pride, Shakespeare Competition,[31] Student Ambassadors,[32] Student Council, Student Newspaper, Yearbook and marching in the Yonkers St. Patrick's Day Parade.[33]

St. Barnabas also has academic societies such as the National English Honors Society; Virginia Woolf Chapter,[34] Hispanic National Honor Society; NY Luis Ponce DeLeon Chapter[35] and a National Honor Society; Blanid Stewart Chapter.

Notable alumnae[edit]

Notes and references[edit]

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