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St. Brendans College, Yeppoon
139 Adelaide Park Road
Yeppoon, Queensland, 4703
Coordinates 23°07′09″S 150°43′38″E / 23.11917°S 150.72722°E / -23.11917; 150.72722Coordinates: 23°07′09″S 150°43′38″E / 23.11917°S 150.72722°E / -23.11917; 150.72722
Type Independent, Day & Boarding
Motto Latin: Ne Dubita Dabitur
("Do Not Doubt, It Will Be Given")
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
Established October 1939
Opened February 1940 (1940-02)
Founder Christian Brothers
Principal Nick Scully
Grades 8-12
Gender Boys
Colour(s) Green and Gold         

St. Brendan's College (sometimes shortened to SBC) is a Roman Catholic all-boys day and boarding school founded by the Christian Brothers located in Yeppoon, Queensland. The school was officially opened in 1940 with a total of 59 students. The school describes itself as "Australia's Largest Country Boys Boarding School", and has nurtured the growth of several leading National Rugby League players.


Groundbreaking for the school started on 8 October 1939 and presided by Romuald Denis Hayes, Bishop of Rockhampton. The school officially opened in February 1940 with 42 boarders and 17 day students. The first headmaster of St Brendan's was Brother Basil Gettons.

The school's spiritual and academic policies are rooted in the traditions of Edmund Ignatius Rice and the school is a member of Edmund Rice Education Australia. The school is named after Saint Brendan the Navigator.

St Ursula's College, Yeppoon, a separate Catholic all-girls day and boarding school located further into the centre of Yeppoon, has shared a close relationship with St Brendan's. Both schools share a relationship with a Catholic primary school in Yeppoon, Sacred Heart.

The college song, Bordered by blue waters splendid, details the rural surrounds of the school near Mary's Mount, as well as confirming strength in faith-based learning.

House system[edit]

St. Brendan's College has four houses;[1]


The Rector of St. Brendan's College has been a Christian Brother from the foundation of the College until the appointment of the 1st Lay Principal, Mr Simon Dash in 2003.

No. Rector Term
1 Bro. J.B. Gettons c.f.c. 1940-1945
2 Bro. H.I. Jackson c.f.c. 1946-1951
3 Bro. J.B. Duffy c.f.c. 1952-1957
4 Bro. N.B. Gallagher c.f.c. 1958-1960
5 Bro. P.T. McSweeney c.f.c. 1961-1963
6 Bro. M.F. Ziesing c.f.c. 1964-1969
7 Bro. C.S. Wright c.f.c. 1970-1975
8 Bro. D.F. Murphy c.f.c. 1976-1981
9 Bro. R.J. White c.f.c. 1982-1988
10 Bro. N.C. Langan c.f.c. 1989-1991
11 Bro. D.J. McMahon c.f.c. 1992-1997
12 Bro. R.S. Grundy c.f.c. 1998-2002
13 Mr. S. Dash 2003-2009
14 Mr. G. McManus 2010-2011 (Term 3)
15 Mr. N. Scully 2011 (Term 4)-Present

Student demographics and facilities[edit]

Although the school is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, it accepts students of all faiths and backgrounds.

The school hosts the largest rodeo of the CRCA circuit. The rodeo is held annually over the Father's Day weekend (the first in September in Australia). The school also holds a cattle club and stud program. The school allows students to bring their own cattle to prepare for shows.[2]

Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Rugby League[edit]

1st XIII Titles[edit]

  • Confraternity Shield (since 1980): 1982, 83, 85, 96, 2002, 04, 06, 07, 09, 10

2nd XIII Titles[edit]

  • Bob Linder Trophy (since 1988): 1998
  • Confraternity Plate (since 1996): 1996, 2004, 05

Queensland Rugby Union: Ballymore Cup[edit]

1st XV Competition[edit]

  • Championship: none
  • Runners-up: none

Under-15 Competition[edit]

  • Championship: 2012
  • Runners-up: 2013

Australasian Christian Brothers Cricket Week[edit]

1st XI Titles[edit]

  • Paul Forrester Shield (since 1977): none
  • Bro. David White Plate (since 1995): 2000, 04, 05, 08

Rugby League program[edit]

The college runs a schoolboy rugby league program and gym. Many of the students in the 1st XIII graduate with affiliations or contracts with NRL clubs. Several current and former professional players are St. Brendan's alumni.

Despite the school's reluctance to actively recruit students based on sporting potential, the depth of talent attracted to the school allows its second-string team to be competitive with its rival schools top-class teams. St. Brendan's rugby league has experienced a period of dominance in the annual Confraternity Shield Carnival which is run by the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Rugby League.[3]

Australian Schoolboys Rugby League[edit]

  • Julian O'Neill, 1989
  • David Taylor, 2005
  • Ben Hunt, 2007
  • Ben Ridge, 2007
  • Maipele Morseau, 2009

Notable alumni[edit]

Politics, public service and the law[edit]

Business and philanthropy[edit]

List currently being compiled

Military and religion[edit]

Academia, engineering, science and medicine[edit]

List currently being compiled

Entertainment, media and the arts[edit]


Rugby League[edit]

Australia (Kangaroos) & Queensland (State of Origin)

Queensland (State of Origin)

Professional bull riders[edit]


As one of the 27 Christian Brothers Colleges founded throughout Queensland, St. Brendan's College Old Boy's continue to provide Officials, Coaches and Players to this uniquely Queensland Association of Brothers Old Boys Clubs.

  • Confraternity of Brothers Clubs (Rugby League) [7]
  • Brothers Rugby Fraternity (Rugby Union) [8]


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