St. Brendan Catholic Church, Los Angeles

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St. Brendan Church
St. Brendan Catholic Church (Los Angeles, California) edit.jpg
34°04′07″N 118°18′53″W / 34.06871°N 118.31474°W / 34.06871; -118.31474Coordinates: 34°04′07″N 118°18′53″W / 34.06871°N 118.31474°W / 34.06871; -118.31474
Location 310 S. Van Ness Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90020
Country  USA
Denomination Roman Catholic
Founded 1915
Dedicated 1927 (current church building)
Architect(s) Emmett G. Martin (1889-1937)
Diocese Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Division Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region
Archbishop José H. Gómez
Bishop(s) Edward W. Clark
Pastor(s) Msgr. Terrance L. Fleming

St. Brendan Catholic Church is a Catholic church in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, located in the Windsor Square section of Los Angeles, California. The current Gothic Revival-style church was built in 1927 and has also served as a location for various Hollywood productions.

Early history[edit]

St. Brendan was formed as a new parish in 1914 under the leadership of Father William Forde.[1][2] The parish was initially dubbed the "baby" parish, and in 1915 Father Forde told the Los Angeles Times: "The growth of the 'baby' parish of the diocese has been remarkable. New families are moving in every day. The whole community is alive and developing rapidly. The congregation is enthusiastic and hopeful of great things in the future."[2]

New church built in 1927[edit]

Time capsule in church courtyard with seal of St. Brendan

The parish opened a parochial grammar school in 1915 on Western Avenue, which still operates at that location.[2] In 1927, the parish built the large brownstone Gothic church that has been used by the parish for more than 80 years.[1] At the time of the new church's dedication in January 1928, the Los Angeles Times noted that the "beautiful" new church had cost $400,000, and reported: "The new building is in the old English Gothic style and is considered one of the handsomest structures of its kind in California."[3] Designed by architect Emmett Martin, the church has been called "one of the archdiocese's architectural gems."[4]


In 1957, Archbishop Timothy Manning honored St. Brendan's by consecrating it in a three-hour service. Consecration raises a church to the highest order, which may never be transferred for common or profane use. St. Brendan's was one of only six churches in Los Angeles to reach that level.[1] As part of the consecration ceremony, a relic of the 6th century St. Brendan was taken in a procession through the church and then sealed into the altar.[1]

Location in Hollywood films[edit]

Located near the Hollywood studios, St. Brendan's gothic structure has proved a popular setting, appearing in the following productions:

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