St. Catherine's Church, Pärnu

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St. Catherine's Church, Pärnu

St. Catherine's Church, Pärnu (Estonian: Katariina kirik) is a Russian Orthodox church in Pärnu, Estonia.

The church was built in 1764-1768 and named after the empress, Catherine the Great, who presented the church to the city after a visit in 1764. It is built in a baroque style by architect P. Jegorov, and has been a source of inspiration for subsequent orthodox church architecture in the Baltic states. It displays a large central dome with a lantern, flanked by four smaller turrets and a western tower with a needle-pointed spire. The façade is rather lavishly decorated, divided by pediments and cornices. Inside, the iconostasis, also by Jegorov, is noteworthy.[1]


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Coordinates: 58°23′6.7″N 24°29′52.3″E / 58.385194°N 24.497861°E / 58.385194; 24.497861