St. Clair County Transit District

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St. Clair County Transit District
Locale St. Clair County, Illinois
Transit type Light rail
Express bus service
Number of lines 1 Light rail line, 17 bus routes
Headquarters 1004 South Lincoln Avenue, O'Fallon, Illinois
Began operation 1981

The St. Clair County Transit District is a transit district that serves the townships of St. Clair County, Illinois and Monroe County, Illinois.[citation needed] It was created in 1981 under the Illinois Mass Transit District Act. The Transit District does not operate any buses directly but has executed contracts with others[specify] to provide transportation service for the fifteen townships that make up the District.

Bus routes[edit]

Transit hubs[edit]

St. Clair County Transit District has two transit hubs: St. Clair County Transit Plaza and O'Fallon Transit Center.


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