St. Clare's (series)

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St. Clare's

AuthorEnid Blyton and Pamela Cox
Cover artistDavid Roberts
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreChildren's literature
Published1941–1945, 2000, 2008
Published in English1941–1945, 2000, 2008
No. of books9 (6 by Blyton, 3 by Cox)
WebsiteOfficial website

St. Clare's is a series of nine books written by English children's authors Enid Blyton and Pamela Cox about a boarding school of that name. The series follows the heroines Patricia "Pat" and Isabel O'Sullivan from their first year at St. Clare's on. Other characters include Alison O'Sullivan (the twins' cousin), Hilary Wentworth, Kathleen Gregory, Janet Robins, Doris Elward, Vera Johns, Sheila Naylor, Roberta "Bobby" Ellis, Pamela Boardman, "Sour Milk" Prudence Arnold, Carlotta Brown (an ex-circus girl), "Catty" Elsie Fanshawe, Gladys Hillman, Mirabel Unwin, Kitty Flaherty (who brings her pet goat, McGinty, to the school), Pauline Bingham-Jones, sisters Claudine and Antoinette, "the Honourable" Angela Favorleigh, Alma Pudden, Anne-Marie Longden, Felicity Ray (a musical genius), Winifred James (the head girl when Pat and Isabel were in the first form), Tessie (the head girl of the second form), Margery Fenworthy (who got expelled from six schools but made a fresh start at St. Clare's), Lucy Oriell (who became Margery's friend), Erica (the troublemaker), Priscilla Parsons (a sixth former who is expelled) and Joan Terry (who got bullied by Priscilla).

The teachers are: Miss Roberts (the first-form teacher), Miss Jenks (the second-form teacher), Miss Adams (the third-form teacher), Miss Williams (the fourth-form teacher), Miss Cornwallis (the fifth-form teacher), Miss Harry (the sixth-form teacher), Miss Kennedy (the substitute teacher who took over as history teacher for a term), Miss Lewis (the regular history teacher who was sick for a term), Miss Wilton (the games teacher), Miss Quentin (the short-lived drama teacher), Miss Willcox (the pretentious temporary English teacher), Mam'zelle (the French mistress) and Miss Theobald (the headmistress, who also coaches students in maths).


Original series[edit]

Enid Blyton published the original six books of St. Clare's series from 1941 to 1945.

  1. Blyton, Enid (2005-07-04) [1941], The Twins at St. Clare's, Egmont Books Ltd, ISBN 1-4052-1977-7
  2. Blyton, Enid (2005-07-04) [1942], The O'Sullivan Twins, Egmont Books Ltd, ISBN 1-4052-1978-5
  3. Blyton, Enid (2005-07-04) [1943], Summer Term at St. Clare's, Egmont Books Ltd, ISBN 1-4052-1979-3
  4. Blyton, Enid (2005-07-04) [1944], Second Form at St. Clare's, Egmont Books Ltd, ISBN 1-4052-1981-5
  5. Blyton, Enid (2005-09-05) [1944], Claudine at St. Clare's, Egmont Books Ltd, ISBN 1-4052-1983-1
  6. Blyton, Enid (2005-10-03) [1945], Fifth Formers at St. Clare's, Egmont Books Ltd, ISBN 1-4052-1984-X

Continuation series[edit]

Pamela Cox published three more books in the series:

  1. Third Form at St. Clare's, Egmont Books Ltd, 2005-08-01 [2000], ISBN 1-4052-1982-3
  2. Sixth Form at St. Clare's, Egmont Books Ltd, 2005-11-07 [2000], ISBN 1-4052-1985-8
  3. Kitty at St Clare's, Egmont Books Ltd, 2008-04-07 [2008], ISBN 978-1-4052-3038-4

Dean School Omnibus Editions[edit]

  1. Blyton, Enid (November 1991), The Twins at St Clare's: The First Three Books Complete and Unabridged, Dean, ISBN 0-603-55063-0
  2. Blyton, Enid (October 1993), Back to St Clare's, Dean & Son, ISBN 0-603-55110-6


The series was adapted into a 1991 anime television series, Mischievous Twins: The Tales of St. Clare's, by Tokyo Movie Shinsha.

A German audio drama named Hanni & Nanni[1], produced by EUROPA.

Four German films:


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