St. Clement's School

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St. Clement's School
St Clements School, Toronto.JPG
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates43°42′46″N 79°24′01″W / 43.71286°N 79.40034°W / 43.71286; -79.40034Coordinates: 43°42′46″N 79°24′01″W / 43.71286°N 79.40034°W / 43.71286; -79.40034
School typePrivate Day Girls'
PrincipalMartha Perry
Grades1 to 12
Average class size21

St. Clement's School (SCS) is an Anglican independent school for girls in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The school was founded in 1901 by Canon Thomas Wesley Powell and was originally co-ed. Students at SCS are often referred to as Clementines.

The school completed a new addition to the building in 2006, which was funded by the Bigger Blazer Campaign, that doubled the space for the students. The renovation included a new gym, performance hall, library and many other improvements.

The school is a member of the Round Square affiliation of schools, and offers the most Advanced Placement courses of any girls' school in Canada.[1]

House system[edit]

Houses at St. Clement's School are named after four Royal British houses: York (yellow, lion mascot), Stuart (green, frog mascot), Windsor (purple, walrus mascot) and Tudor (red, elephant mascot). The House Cup is awarded to the house that has the most points at the end of the school year.

Notable alumnae[edit]

Clubs and activities[edit]

Activities and clubs offered by the school include the Philosophy Club, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Ontario Model Parliament and the Classics Club (which brings students to the Ontario Student Classics Conference at Brock University every year). St. Clement's also has musical ensembles including Primary Choir, Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Chamber Choir, Senior Concert Band, and Senior Jazz Band.

Interschool Athletic Teams[edit]

Fall Winter Spring
  • Basketball (Grade 6–12)
  • Cross Country (Grade 4–12)
  • Field Hockey (Grade 9–12)
  • Soccer (Grade 5–12)
  • Swimming (Grade 5–12)
  • Alpine Skiing (Grade 9–12)
  • Badminton (Grade 6–12)
  • Ice Hockey (Grade 7–12)
  • Swimming (Grade 9–12)
  • Volleyball (Grade 5–12)
  • Golf (Grade 7–12)
  • Softball (Grade 6–12)
  • Track & Field (Grade 4–12)
  • Tennis (Grade 6–12)

Round Square[edit]

St. Clement’s School has been a member of Round Square since 2002. It is one of more than 60 schools worldwide.


Edsby is a website that is used by the St. Clement's community. Students, teachers, staff and parents log into their accounts to keep up to date on school events and classes. Announcements are posted in the School Talk page, where all members of the St. Clement's Edsby account can view them. However, there are pages that are not viewable to everyone unless they are a member of the page. For example, if one is in the Senior Concert Band, they are requested by the band teacher to join the page for updates.

Teachers regularly update their course pages for a digital copy of the work covered during class. They also post the required homework and upcoming summatives.

Students may find Edsby useful for keeping up to date on their schoolwork, and it provides a helpful schedule with both classes and assignments.


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