St. Colman's Catholic School

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St. Colman's School located at Hunter Street and Stewart Avenue in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania

St. Colman's Catholic School is a historic landmark located in Turtle Creek, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Originally established in 1888, the school building that exists there now was built in 1928 by architects Link, Weber & Bowers. There are carvings in sandstone all around the building's exterior, including a sculpture of St. Colman over the elaborately decorated Hunter Street entrance. After the original church burned down the new one was built in a different location on the property and an addition containing a cafeteria and the classrooms that would form the Junior High portion of the school was built on the site of the former church. The addition is far more modern looking, rather than remaining true to the school's original architectural style. The class of 2006, with only 18 students, was the last to graduate. The school is on the list of historic landmarks recognized by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation (PHLF).

Coordinates: 40°24′22″N 79°49′40″W / 40.40611°N 79.82778°W / 40.40611; -79.82778