St. Croix, Nova Scotia

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St. Croix, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
St. Croix, Nova Scotia
Location of St. Croix in Nova Scotia

St. Croix is a community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in Hants County, Nova Scotia.

It is located along Highway 101, on St. Croix River, east of Windsor.

Battle at St Croix (1750)[edit]

The Battle at St. Croix happened during Father Le Loutre's War between New England Rangers and the Mi'kmaq. To capture the Acadians involved in the British defeat at the Fort Logis, Grand Pre the previous year, Cornwallis sent John Gorham (military officer) to Piziquid to construct Fort Edward (Nova Scotia) and imprison the Acadians. After two days of marching from Fort Sackville (present day Bedford), they come to the St Croix River. At the river a battle broke out with the Mi'kmaq. Gorham took over a saw mill and two local Acadian homes for protection. The Mi'kmaq numbers continued to grow, therefore Gorham sent a messenger to Fort Sackville for reinforcements.

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Coordinates: 44°58′0″N 64°1′59″W / 44.96667°N 64.03306°W / 44.96667; -64.03306 (St. Croix, Nova Scotia)