St. Edmund Campion Secondary School

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St. Edmund Campion Secondary School
275 Brisdale Drive
Brampton, Ontario, L7A 3C7

St. Edmund Campion Catholic Secondary School is a high school in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

On September 2 2003, the school opened with 250 grade 9 students in Mississauga while the Brampton building was under construction. The Mississauga building was shared by grade 9 students from St. Marcellinus and John Cabot Secondary Schools. In its second year, there were grade 9 and 10 classes, and the building was shared with students from Metropolitan Andrei elementary school. The school moved to its present building in Brampton in 2005, with 1300 students in grades 9, 10, and 11, and a grade 12 class in 2006.

In August 2009, the school principal, Kevin McGuire, removed the book To Kill a Mockingbird from the grade 10 curriculum due to a complaint received from a parent who expressed concern about the language in the book. It was put back in the grade 10 curriculum in 2011.[1]

Neville Mant took over as school principal in 2010/2011 after Kevin McGuire's retirement in June 2010.

The Regional Advanced Placement (AP) Program at St. Edmund Campion provides an enriched classroom setting for highly motivated students in the areas of English, Math, and French. History and Science will be added in grade 10. The program begins in Grade 9 with Pre-AP classes in which students study both the Ontario and the AP curriculum. This allows students to continue AP classes in Grades 11 and 12 that prepare students to write AP exams for advanced placement or credit in university. All strong academic students are encouraged to apply.

According to The Fraser Institute's annual rankings of Ontario secondary schools, St. Edmund Campion was named among the 20 fastest-improving Ontario secondary schools in 2012

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