St. Edward's Primary School

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Saint Edward's Primary School is an all-boys primary (elementary) school currently located at Fort Street in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Typically, it enrolls boys from ages 3 to 12. Its sister school is St. Joseph's Primary School.

It was founded in 1866 by Roman Catholic priests from Italy, France and Ireland, and originally situated at Rawdon Street, in the area where the Sacred Heart Cathedral and Santano House are now located. It is the oldest primary school in the country and one of the oldest elementary schools in Africa. In 1922, a secondary school was also established, which became known as St. Edward's Secondary School.

Past headmasters[edit]

  • Mr. Valentine
  • Mr. Charles
  • Mr. Hinga
  • Mr. Kamara-Kargbo

House system[edit]

The school was originally divided into several houses, named after the priests who founded or attended the school.

Fitzgerald - [Red]
St. Edward's - [Blue]
Valentine - [Green]
Ganda - [Yellow]
Brosnahan - [Orange]
Browne - [Brown]

Notable alumni[edit]