St. Emmeram's Cathedral, Nitra

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Cathedral of St Emmeram
Katedrála svätého Emeráma
Nitra St Emmeram from above.jpg
St. Emmeram's Cathedral from above
Cathedral of St Emmeram is located in Slovakia
Cathedral of St Emmeram
Cathedral of St Emmeram
location in Slovakia
48°19′06″N 18°05′14″E / 48.31844°N 18.08710°E / 48.31844; 18.08710Coordinates: 48°19′06″N 18°05′14″E / 48.31844°N 18.08710°E / 48.31844; 18.08710
Location Nitra
Country Slovakia
Denomination Roman Catholic
Dedication St Emmeram of Regensburg
Architectural type Church
Style Baroque
Diocese Nitra
Bishop(s) Viliam Judák

St. Emmeram's Cathedral (Slovak: Bazilika svätého Emeráma) is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in Nitra, Slovakia. The entire cathedral is housed in the Nitra Castle precinct, much like Prague Castle.

It was originally built in the Gothic style and is composed of many parts. The upper church dates from 1333-1355.[1] The rotunda dates back to the 11th-12th century and houses a silver reliquary made in 1674. Another reliquary in the cathedral houses some relics of Saint Cyril. The lower church was built between 1621-1642.[2] Later on the entire cathedral complex was remodelled in the Baroque style.

Saint Emmeram of Regensburg, to whom the cathedral is dedicated, was an itinerant bishop who did missionary work from the court of the duke of Bavaria, Theodo I.


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