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St Erhard Bamberg Logo R 4c.gif
LocationBamberg, Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany
Coordinates49°54′32″N 10°52′18″E / 49.90889°N 10.87167°E / 49.90889; 10.87167Coordinates: 49°54′32″N 10°52′18″E / 49.90889°N 10.87167°E / 49.90889; 10.87167
Annual production volume1,000 hectolitres (850 US bbl)[2]

St. Erhard (officially typeset St. ERHARD) is a German craft brewery from the region of Bamberg in Bavaria. The beer positions itself as a luxury brand and is predominantly exported to Asia.[3]


St. ERHARD Bottle

St. Erhard beer is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot (German purity law) of 1516 and has an original gravity of 12.5 degrees Plato with an alcohol content of 5% by volume. The beer can mainly be found in the Indian market.[4]


The brand positions itself as a premium product.[1] Unlike most other beer brands St. Erhard comes in a clear glass bottle which has a label printed on the glass and a varnished UV protection.


The brand name 'St. ERHARD' is an internationally registered trademark for beer and related products and services.[5]

International locations[edit]

  Countries where St. ERHARD can be found


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