St. Francis High School, Amravati

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St. Francis High School is a school in the Central Indian District of Amravati, providing both language and science education for primary and high school level students. The school was founded by Kamalpushp Chauhan and his wife, Raj K. Chauhan in 1991. Later, it expanded into the city of Bhubaneswar, Orissa with four school branches.

Locations in Amravati[edit]

The school has two campuses in Amravati. One of the campuses, located in Dastur Nagar, is dedicated to primary school education; the other, in Jevad is for high school. All outdoor activities are generally held at the Jevad campus. The headmaster of the school is Ujjwala M.Kulkarni. The outdoor activities are conducted by two teachers, a Senior P.T. (Physical Training) teacher, Paresh Tiwari, and the science teacher, Minal Lawhale. The school celebrates all National Festivals in India. The school has two separate wings, one for the State Board and the other for the CBSE. The CBSE Branch is now closed down