St. Francis Square

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St. Francis Square
BSA Twin Tower logo.svg
Logo for BSA Twin Towers
Twin towers soaring high
The BSA Twin Towers
General information
LocationOrtigas Center
Coordinates14°35′9.76″N 121°3′29.66″E / 14.5860444°N 121.0582389°E / 14.5860444; 121.0582389Coordinates: 14°35′9.76″N 121°3′29.66″E / 14.5860444°N 121.0582389°E / 14.5860444; 121.0582389
Construction started1998
ManagementCE Construction
Antenna spire221 m (725 ft)[2][3]
Roof197.0 m (646.3 ft)
Top floor196.80 m (645.7 ft)
Technical details
Floor countBSA Twin Towers: 55 floors
St. Francis Square Mall: 4 floors
Floor area78,600.93 m2 (846,053.4 sq ft)
Design and construction
ArchitectR. Villarosa Architects
DeveloperSt. Francis Square Group of Companies
Structural engineerD.M. Consunji, Inc.[5]
Main contractorD.M. Consunji, Inc.[5]

The St. Francis Square is a complex of three buildings located in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Philippines. Groundbreaking and construction began in 1998 and was completed in 2000. Due to some controversies regarding the St. Francis Square Group of Companies, construction and the finishing of interiors were halted. Construction resumed in 2009 and the building was finished in 2011.


BSA Twin Towers[edit]

There are three buildings situated within the complex, but the most notable are the main two towers. Each stands 221 metres (725 ft) high, occupying a land area of 3,037.32 square metres (32,693 sq ft) of the site's land.[4] Topped off since 2000, yet completed in 2011, the two towers became the 4th tallest buildings in the country. The two towers are supposedly to have a rooftop observation deck or a sky garden on its pyramid roof. It is also serves as a radio transmitter and secondary studio facilities[6] of the FM radio stations 90.7 Love Radio, 101.1 Yes The Best and 96.3 Easy Rock, as well as temporary studios of AM radio station DZRH and community-formatted national FM station Radyo Natin, all owned by Manila Broadcasting Company. At night, there is an neon light display at the top of the building, with logos of the St Francis Group of Companies, AUX Aircon, and HKTV (HongKong TV) seen on the roofs, giving it an iconic look to the Ortigas skyline.

St. Francis Square Mall[edit]

The St. Francis Square Mall is a 4-storey building within the St. Francis Square complex. It is popularly known in the Metropolitan Manila for its advertisement jingle for the Super Tiangge shopping area which is located in this mall. [7] The mall and the Twin Towers are separated by a massive parking lot that caters to the customers of the mall and nearby establishments.

On June 2019, the Super Tiangge area, the 2nd and 3rd Levels of the mall, have been vacated and closed for conversion as commercial and office space.[8]

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