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This article is about a school in Kowloon, Hong Kong. For other schools with similar names, see List of schools named after Francis Xavier.
St. Francis Xavier's College
45 Sycamore Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Type Boy's School
Motto SUAVITER IN MODO; FORTITER IN RE (Gentle In Manner; Resolute In Action)
Religious affiliation(s) Catholic
Established 1955
Principal Mr Iu Kwong Chi
Information Boys School

St. Francis Xavier's College (SFXC; Chinese: 聖芳濟書院 or 聖芳濟 in short) is a Catholic Secondary School for boys, located in Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The school in Kowloon was founded in 1955, having moved from Shanghai, China. Except for lessons in foreign languages and Chinese, most lessons are taught in English.

The school campus of SFXC
The relationship between SFXC and Marist Brothers


The school was founded by Jesuit Fathers in Shanghai in 1874, later in 1893 Marist Brothers were invited to teach in the college and took over full responsibility of it in 1895. Due to the religion policies of the Communist China, the Brothers were forced to leave Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong in 1949. The college was rebuilt and classes were resumed in Tai Kok Tsui at the junction of Maple Street and Sycamore Street (K.I.L. 6421) in 1955 and named St. Francis Xavier's College to emphasize the direct link with St. Francis Xavier's College, Shanghai.[1]


The front view of SFXC
The old wing of SFXC
The east wing of SFXC
The west wing of SFXC
The new wing of SFXC

This school has over 1200 students, 60 local teachers and one foreign teacher. The present Principal is Mr.Iu Kwong Chi who was appointed in 2013.

Students usually call themselves 'Xaverians'.

The school motto is "Gentle in Manner, Resolute in Action". (Latin: Suaviter in modo Fortiter in re; 溫良剛毅)

This school is one of the three in Hong Kong that allows students to wear different coloured sports shoes to school, which is its characteristic. There are only ten school regulations, and they mostly cover actions to be taken when regulations are broken.


Students usually offer a short prayer before classes or in morning assemblies with 'Our Father', and will usually end the prayer with:

School Badge[edit]


The Cross represents Jesus and the Catholic faith. It also means God is in every SFX activity.

Above left

Marist Brothers logo.

Above Right

Book represent knowledge and oil lamp represent light.

Below Right

White and green means purity and hope. These colours are also the representing colour of the school.

Below Left

「SFX」represents St. Francis Xavier, the Patron Saint of the school

  • Latin: Suaviter in modo Fortiter in re;
  • Chinese: 溫良剛毅;
  • English: Gentle in Manner, Resolute in Action[2]

School Song[edit]

Verse 1[edit]

Let us sing with jubilation,
A song of duty done:
A song of exaltation,
Of laurels fought and won:
Of many glorious years in store,
A song to sound from shore to shore:
They've carved out a name in the roll of fame:
The boys of St. Francis Xavier's.

Verse 2[edit]

Uplift our voices to proclaim,
And let the whole world heed:
In class, in the field, at work, at play,
St. Xavier's take the lead.
Yet not alone for worldly fame,
Success or honour, wealth or name;
For God and our Faith, first place we claim:
The boys of St. Francis Xavier's.

Verse 3[edit]

Then, vivat, crescat, floreat,
As the years go rolling on,
And we leave our books and benches,
And schooltime-joys are gone;
Whate'er our future days may bring,
Our Alma Mater's praise we'll sing,
And at her feet new laurels fling:
The boys of St. Francis Xavier's.[3]


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