St. Henri (electoral district)

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St. Henri
Quebec electoral district
Defunct federal electoral district
Legislature House of Commons
District created 1924
District abolished 1987
First contested 1925
Last contested 1984
Counting the ballots in the 1938 by-election in the riding of St. Henri; Camillien Houde, running for the Conservatives, lost to Joseph Arsène Bonnier for the Liberals.

St. Henri (also known as St. Henry, St-Henri, Saint-Henri and Saint-Jacques) was a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1925 to 1988.

This riding was created in 1924 as "St. Henri" riding from parts of Westmount—St. Henri. In 1933, its English name was changed to "St. Henry". In 1947, "St. Henry" was abolished when it was redistributed into "St-Henri" and St. Antoine—Westmount ridings.

In 1952, "St-Henri" was abolished, and its territory transferred into a new riding named "Saint-Henri". In 1977, it was renamed Saint-Jacques.

Following the 2003 redistribution, the area of the old St-Henri riding is now part of the riding of Jeanne-Le Ber.

Members of Parliament[edit]

This riding elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
St. Henri
Riding created from Westmount—St. Henri
15th  1925–1926     Paul Mercier Liberal
16th  1926–1930
17th  1930–1935
St. Henry
18th  1935–1937     Paul Mercier Liberal
 1938–1940 Joseph-Arsène Bonnier
19th  1940–1945
20th  1945–1949
21st  1949–1953     Joseph-Arsène Bonnier Liberal
22nd  1953–1957     Joseph-Arsène Bonnier Liberal
23rd  1957–1958
24th  1958–1962 Hilarion-Pit Lessard
25th  1962–1963
26th  1963–1965
27th  1965–1968
28th  1968–1972 Gérard Loiselle
29th  1972–1974
30th  1974–1979
31st  1979–1980     Jacques Guilbault Liberal
32nd  1980–1984
33rd  1984–1988
Riding dissolved into Laurier—Sainte-Marie,
Saint-Henri—Westmount and Verdun—Saint-Paul

Election results[edit]

St. Henri, 1925–1935[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1925
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Paul Mercier 11,829
Liberal Protectionist Léopold Doyon 2,839
Canadian federal election, 1926
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Paul Mercier 9,995
Independent Liberal Joseph Mongeau 2,152
Canadian federal election, 1930
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Paul Mercier 11,520
Conservative Auguste Boyer 5,917

St. Henry, 1935–1949[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1935
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Paul Mercier 21,561
Conservative Damase Saint-Maurice 4,871
Reconstruction Amédée Jasmin 2,885
By-election on 17 January 1938

On Mercier's acceptance of an office of emolument
under the Crown, 30 November 1937

Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Joseph Arsène Bonnier 16,594
Conservative Camillien Houde 11,931
Independent Liberal Onil Léonide Gingras 346
Canadian federal election, 1940
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Joseph Arsène Bonnier 17,531
Independent Liberal Wilfrid-Eldège Lauriault 10,371
National Government Édouard Lamontagne 2,081
  Anti-Conscriptionist Louis-Gérard Gosselin 642
Canadian federal election, 1945
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Joseph Arsène Bonnier 19,137
Bloc populaire Marcel Lafaille 8,601
Progressive Conservative Édouard Lamontagne 1,902
Co-operative Commonwealth René Chabot 941
Independent Georges Taillefer 377
Social Credit Paul-Elzéar Légaré 334
Independent Conrad Bourdeau 322

St-Henri, 1949–1953[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1949
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Joseph Arsène Bonnier 16,313
Progressive Conservative Germain Angrignon 7,369
Co-operative Commonwealth Paul-Émile Jutras 909
Union des électeurs Ferdinand Bouffard 500

Saint-Henri, 1953–1979[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1953
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Joseph Arsène Bonnier 15,046
Progressive Conservative Germain Angrignon 4,659
Independent Liberal Jacques Leblanc 2,992
Co-operative Commonwealth Paul-Émile Jutras 538
Labor–Progressive Pierre Gélinas 419
Canadian federal election, 1957
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Joseph Arsène Bonnier 12,489
Independent Liberal Rosaire Bouchard 9,207
Progressive Conservative Maurice Boudrias 2,766
Co-operative Commonwealth Paul-Émile Jutras 963
Canadian federal election, 1958
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Hilarion-Pit Lessard 11,533
Progressive Conservative Germain Angrignon 10,196
Independent Liberal Rosaire Bouchard 4,393
Independent Liberal Eugène-J.-E. Fournier 1,825
Social Credit Lucien Bougie 714
Co-operative Commonwealth Paul-Émile Jutras 691
Canadian federal election, 1962
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Hilarion-Pit Lessard 13,323
Progressive Conservative J.-Hormisdas Delisle 9,013
New Democratic Armand Arsenault 2,200
Social Credit Édouard Provencher 1,188
Independent Ernest-Bill Boucher 646
Canadian federal election, 1963
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Hilarion-Pit Lessard 13,981
Social Credit Bruno Lépine 8,003
Progressive Conservative Philippe Joannisse 2,800
New Democratic Maurice Hébert 2,378
Canadian federal election, 1965
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Hilarion-Pit Lessard 12,310
Progressive Conservative Paul Barré 6,297
New Democratic Richard Desjardins 3,364
Ralliement créditiste Eugène Lépine 2,039
Communist Jeannette Walsh 228
Canadian federal election, 1968
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Gérard Loiselle 12,792
Independent Pierre Sévigny 3,499
New Democratic Gérard Philipps 1,491
Progressive Conservative Pierre Hogue 972
Ralliement créditiste Joseph Ranger 608
Independent Liberal William Gaudreau 465
Independent Lomer Pilote 335
Canadian federal election, 1972
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Gérard Loiselle 7,191
Independent Frank Hanley 5,743
Progressive Conservative Eugène Fournier 2,802
Social Credit Wilbrod Trépanier 2,082
New Democratic Michel Gingras 1,161
Independent Francine Bérubé 126
Canadian federal election, 1974
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Gérard Loiselle 8,813
Progressive Conservative Lucien Jarraud 6,147
New Democratic Gus Callaghan 922
Social Credit Jean-Paul Poulin 633
Independent Louis Grégoire 306
Marxist–Leninist Robert Perrault 119

Saint-Jacques, 1979–1988[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1979
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Jacques Guilbault 20,520
Progressive Conservative Jean Chevrier 3,704
New Democratic David-André Rowley 1,978
Social Credit J. Alfred Lévesque 1,715
Rhinoceros Balthazar Michel Deschamps 933
Libertarian Robert Champlin 295
Communist Claire Durand 189
Independent Patricia Métivier 143
Marxist–Leninist Auguste Arnold 104
Union populaire Serge Rainville 84
Canadian federal election, 1980
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Jacques Guilbault 17,757
Progressive Conservative Jean Chevrier 3,038
New Democratic Roger Monette 2,339
Rhinoceros Rodrigue Tremblay 1,080
Independent Raymonde Lebreux 224
Libertarian Marc Krushelnyski 137
Union populaire Hughette Godard 120
Marxist–Leninist Arnold August 96
Communist Daniel Pauquet 88
Independent Patricia Métivier 55
Canadian federal election, 1984
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Jacques Guilbault 10,875
Progressive Conservative Lorraine Duguay 10,291
New Democratic Mike Molter 4,057
Rhinoceros Pierre Corbeil 1,204
Parti nationaliste Denise Laroche 738
Communist Marianne Roy 152
Commonwealth of Canada Robert Langevin 116

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