Cathedral of Saint Henry

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St Henry's Cathedral, Helsinki
The Cathedral of St Henry of Uppsala
Pyhän Henrikin katedraali
Saint Henry's Cathedral Helsinki 2.jpg
St. Henry's Cathedral
60°09′33″N 24°57′16″E / 60.1592°N 24.9544°E / 60.1592; 24.9544Coordinates: 60°09′33″N 24°57′16″E / 60.1592°N 24.9544°E / 60.1592; 24.9544
Location Helsinki
Country Finland
Denomination Roman Catholic
Status Active
Dedication St Henry of Uppsala
Consecrated 1904
Functional status Cathedral
Architectural type Gothic Revival
Completed 1860
Diocese Helsinki
Bishop(s) Teemu Sippo

St. Henry's Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Helsinki, Finland, dedicated to Henry (bishop of Finland). It is the main and Cathedral Church of Roman Catholic Diocese of Helsinki.

It was constructed between 1858–1860, primarily to serve Russian Catholics in the army, as well as Catholic merchants. Although it was finished in 1860, it was not consecrated until 1904. It became the Cathedral Church of Helsinki in 1955.[1] The architecture of the church is Gothic Revival with statues of Saint Henry, Saint Peter and Saint Paul decorating the exterior.

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