St. Isidore Church, Renavas

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St. Isidore Church
Šv. Izidoriaus bažnyčia
Renavas church.jpg
Renavas Church of St. Isidore
Basic information
Location Renavas, Lithuania
Geographic coordinates 56°13′51″N 22°3′36″E / 56.23083°N 22.06000°E / 56.23083; 22.06000Coordinates: 56°13′51″N 22°3′36″E / 56.23083°N 22.06000°E / 56.23083; 22.06000
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Country Lithuania
Year consecrated 1933
Architectural description
Architectural type Church
Completed 1933
Construction cost LTL 31.795,60
Direction of façade West
Materials concrete

St. Isidore Church (Lithuanian: Šv. Izidoriaus bažnyčia, Samogitian: Šv. Ėzėduoriaus bažnīče) is a Roman Catholic church in Renavas, Lithuania. It is located near the road ŽidikaiSeda.


Interior of the Church with all three altars to be seen

The construction of the church started in 1918 after Lithuania re-established its independence. However, after the walls of 2.5 m height were built, the construction stopped. The works began to continue only in 1929 and the construction was completed in 1933[1]. Because of lack of money and in order to finish the project, constructors of the church refused exterior decoration foreseen in the primary projects. Consequently, the outside walls were made only of concrete[2].

The Church was consecrated on 12 June 1933 by the first bishop of Telšiai Justinas Staugaitis[3].

Current parson of the Renavas parish is a priest Antanas Šimkus who also serves as the parson of Židikai parish[4].

The Church is rectangle with a small tower and a porch[5].

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