St. John's Regional Seminary

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St. John's Regional Seminary
Type Major Seminary
Established 1965
President Bishop Udumula Bala, (Chairperson)
Rector Rev. Kolakani Marianna
Location Ramanthapur, Hyderabad 500 013, Telangana. Telephone: 91 040 2720 1427, 2720 0370, India
17°23′35″N 78°32′39″E / 17.39306°N 78.54417°E / 17.39306; 78.54417
Campus Urban
Affiliations Roman Curia
Data as of October 2008

St. John's Regional Seminary is the theologate of the Catholic Church of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.[1] It is a major seminary training students to become priests.

St. John's Regional Seminary is situated in Ramanthapur in Hyderabad.


The seminary is listed as a Major Seminary under the Roman Curia.[2]


St. John's Regional Seminary[3] was founded in 1965[4] in Ramanthapur, Hyderabad, to train priests for the Catholic Church in Andhra Pradesh. In 1987, the seminary was divided into two.[5] The theologiate was retained in Hyderabad while the philosophate (St. John's Regional Seminary (Philosophate)) was moved to Kothavalasa in the northern circars of Andhra Pradesh.[6]

Board of Governors[edit]

The ten bishops and two archbishops in the state of Andhra Pradesh are ex officio members of the Board of Governors of St. John's Regional Seminary:


The seminary follows a semester system.[7] Admission is for Catholic pupils who are eligible to pursue priestly studies and from any of the ten Catholic dioceses and two archdioceses in Andhra Pradesh.[8]

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