St. John's Episcopal Church (Springfield, Missouri)

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St John's Episcopal Church, Springfield, Missouri
37°13′35″N 93°17′12″W / 37.2263°N 93.2866°W / 37.2263; -93.2866Coordinates: 37°13′35″N 93°17′12″W / 37.2263°N 93.2866°W / 37.2263; -93.2866
Denomination Episcopal Church
Website St. John's Episcopal Church
Dedication St John
Parish St. John's, Springfield, Missouri
Diocese West Missouri
Province VII
Rector Fr. David P. Kendrick

St. John's Episcopal Church, built in 1888, is an historic church located at 515 East Division Street in Springfield, Missouri. It is listed on the city of Springfield's register of historic sites.[1]


In 1881, a small but dedicated number of Christ Church members recognized the need for a second Episcopal parish in Springfield. A location was selected, and on March 19, 1886 the organizational meeting was held. A six-member vestry was elected, a plan for financial support was developed, and application was made for a Certification of Incorporation. The building was completed in 1888 and the first liturgy was celebrated on September 23 with 123 communicant members present.

On May 1, 1978, the church was presented a plaque designating it as an historical site.


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